The Rider who cannot Command Himself  

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Magic in Training, Week 1.  

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Magic has spent the first week in the following areas:

1. Picking up feet
2. Mounting
3. Sacking out

He is still fairly spooky but is coming around. In the following video you can see how the sacking out process is performed. This process is done with plastic bags, trash cans, buckets, and whatever else we can think of.

In this next video, you can see Magic getting his first real ride. It is important that he be mounted several times as well as ridden for prolonged periods of time. It is also important to make sure that he can be ridden bareback. So far, saddles and equipment have masked the fact that he is was not properly started and desensitized to the presence of the rider on his back.

Max, Final Days  

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Well Max had a couple of more days and then was picked up by his Mom, She was satisfied with his progress and will probably bring him back for another 30 days in a couple of weeks. Thank you all for following his training and progress, I will let you all know when his training resumes.